A Rich Set of Marketing Material

Benefit from our premium marketing material to kick start your business and start earning money.

Visual Banners

Our simple yet effective collection of animated banners helps you promote your business and offers you various marketing content in different formats to reach the highest number of clients.

Educational Material

To arouse your circle of contacts’ interest and get them to trade in real markets, educate them first through sharing our range of educational tools, that include e-books, videos, reports and much more.

Social Media Posting

We offer you a suite of up-to-date social media content suitable for attracting your social environment and qualifying new leads and converting them into real traders with Amana Capital.

Marketing Newsletters

To stay in touch with your leads and keep them updated on everything you want them to know, you can always use our set of e-mail templates, assisting in the brand’s promotion and advertising.

Many Others

Once joining our Affiliate Program, you will get access to many other integrated marketing tools, aiming by that to support you in running your business and reaching the highest level of professionalism.

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